Take these slick-looking mini bikes with a low-tech aesthetic from a small business named DingoMoto, for instance. This mini bike looks like something out of a steampunk dream, it’s battery-powered, and it’s relatively compact … but there’s just one problem.


These mini bikes look super awesome, and watching them get made on DingoMoto’s own TikTok channel is fascinating. However, when you go to their website to try and purchase one, after gawking at the price, you find this fine print: “Sold as art; not meant to be ridden. Ride and enjoy at your own risk.” Right, a piece of artwork that you can ride to the old 9-to-5? A piece of artwork that requires a battery and has a motor? Got it. Reading between the lines, DingoMoto’s mini bikes are not street legal, and it’s not the first by a long shot. However, charging $3,400 for what is technically a piece of artwork and not a vehicle is … a big pill to swallow. That said, all of DingoMoto’s main products are currently sold out, so it has to be doing something right. And who knows, maybe there are more states than previously thought that allow mini bikes on the streets. Just always read the fine print before buying something quite this pricey. Recommended For You

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