That’s what seems to have happened with this poor Irish man when he asks Alexa through an Echo speaker to “turn the volume down a wee bit.” Watch to see how the sorry fellow reacts to Alexa blatantly failing him.


Posted by IrishBanter on TikTok, the video shows the Belfast-based man, after asking Alexa to turn the volume down twice, basically give up on Alexa entirely. That was probably this man’s last interaction with Alexa ever. “Vahume douwn a whee bit,” one commenter said, adding their own hilarious emphases. Even the LADBible Ireland account chimed in with, “Laughed louder than should have.” “I’d say Alexa doesn’t understand most of the Irish — especially Northern Ireland accent,” a commenter explained. “It’s the ‘a wee bit,’” a fellow denizen of the green island commented. “Why do we have to add ‘wee’ to everything? The leg missing from this face furniture is hilarious.” And now we find ourselves with a little Easter egg — we didn’t notice the broken glasses on our first watch. It wasn’t until we read the comments that we noticed the missing glasses leg. Speaking as a fellow Irishman, this writer chalks that up to a markedly stubborn and frugal nature exhibited by many Irish folk or descendants.