It’s fun to fantasize about, at least, but this artificial intelligence just gave your inspiration major fuel to continue daydreaming. However, there’s a strange consistency between these drawings that will have you wondering where it’s all coming from.


As you can see in the video posted by Evl666 on TikTok, almost every AI depiction of Atlantis features gold everywhere. This is likely for two reasons. First, Atlantis is depicted as a golden city in several literary adaptations of the myth, particularly out of Spain in the 19th century. Second, there is a cult-classic, Disney animated film known simply as “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” that released way back in 2001 that likely informed a lot of contemporary understanding and therefore imagery available to the AI to fill in these queries. This is because AI drawing apps use data sets of internet search queries and their image results to amalgamate them into an original “drawing”. Regardless, it’s fun to think that the AI is onto something with all of this, and we’re looking at something real. There’s nothing wrong with a little escapism — in this and age especially. Finally, our favorite take on the video is this hilarious exchange: “I’ve been there, and it is not like this,” one commenter plainly stated, to which another replied, “wait, what?” as if in shock. We all love a good troll online every now and then, right?