In this latest installment, we have a TikToker ask an AI to simply draw “Starry Night” — you know, the famous Van Gogh piece. What this AI draws is the strangest tribute to some of Van Gogh’s most popular works in a single painting.


Do you see how close the AI comes to nailing the moon at the top right of the original “Starry Night?” It’s actually pretty impressive. Much thanks to IASupreme for posting this TikTok. You can also catch a strong approximation of the mountains in the distance of the original, though they’re a bit warped. Part of what seems to cause this warping is a strange inclusion in the bottom right. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is an approximation of Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night. That’s strange, but makes more sense when you consider how these AI drawing apps work. Because they generate original images by amalgamating imagery from large data sets of internet searches and their image results, an association could have inadvertently been made and digested into this painting. Café Terrace at Night is arguably Gogh’s second most famous painting, and so is likely a common secondary image result for the “Starry Night” search query. Just like that, you get an AI confused and somehow Gogh’s cafe at night happens on the lake where his starry night is also taking place.