That is, artificial intelligence can create “original”, realistic photos of people that do not exist by amalgamating the millions of photos of other real people available online into new creations. Sure, you can have some fun with this, but when you see the sheer amount of “fake” people that can be created, and how convincing they are, reality starts to set it … and it’s scary.


Posted by TechyLifeHax on TikTok, the video shows off a website that allows you create original, realistic photos based on basic creation criteria. The deepfake website basically looks like the character creation interface before you begin a role playing video game, only you’re creating fake people to share in the real world. Just imagine the implications here. For one, social media will get quite interesting, if it hasn’t already, under our noses. Fake identities could get up to quite a bit of trouble online. The terrible online practice known as “catfishing”, wherein someone starts an online relationship with someone else under false pretenses of identity, is likely to hit a fever pitch. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what people could get away with using this technology. A word of caution in these strange modern times: before you enter anything remotely near a financial or personal relationship with someone online you haven’t met in person somehow, be extra careful. Recommended for you

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