To paraphrase, the theory puts forward the idea that the Earth is hollow and within is an ancient world that preserved prehistoric life and even civilizations. An artificially intelligent drawing app was asked recently to draw “the most closely held secret on Earth,” and you can likely guess how the AI interpreted that one.


That’s right, more original Hollow Earth imagery than you can shake a primordial stick at. A TikToker known simply as Midjourneys posted the video, which also appears to use a 3D element. We’re not absolutely sure as to how that 3D effect was achieved, but the video creator appears to have used both the Midjourney and Craiyon AI drawing apps to produce these images. There’s a strong theme throughout the drawings produced here: a highly technological city or civilization inside of a massive cave with light somehow coming through above. Of course, the AI is drawing from countless image searches and their results to amalgamate them into an original drawing. With that in mind, it makes sense that it would draw some numerous science-fiction sources. The artwork has inspired some pretty odd and hilarious reactions. “I was expecting the Colonel’s secret 11 herbs & spices,” one commenter joked. “So AI thinks Atlantis is real?” another commenter asked, pointing out a clear similarity. “I KNEW IT!” Finally, we have this interesting take: “I always thought it such a waste to have an entire planet and only live on the surface of it. Like an orange and only the peel is edible.” We’re pretty sure the answer to this is that we require sunlight, food, and water that’s generally only accessible on the surface.