That’s right, someone asked an AI to draw what demons look like, and the results are expectedly, well, horrifying. This AI has an unsurprisingly macabre interpretation of what demons might look like, so what might that say about us?


TKTK Thanks to GerroDesign for yet another dose of nightmare fuel with this AI’s interpretation of demons. We’re especially disturbed by the third drawing. It looks like a molten, cyclopian goblin that’s just sizing us up for its next meal. Here are some of our favorite takes. “A demon is a fallen angel. These look correct,” commented one viewer with seemingly unironic sincerity. “Some of us already know what they look like … you’ve seen them, you just didn’t know it,” another viewer commented with utter confidence. “I thought you were gonna show me a picture of my ex wife,” one commenter quipped. Finally, here’s a take that makes a lot of sense as to why most of these demons have wings and humanoid forms. “AI has access to the Bible,” this commenter points out. “It literally describes them. Just like Angels.” That’s right! AI drawing apps use data sets generated by image searches and their results to inform what it creates from scratch. So, of course these demons would look like fallen angels, because that’s what demons traditionally are.