Lots of grim scenes of red and black, the hues of wanton violence on humankind and the earth, are expected respectively. But, asking an AI this very question shows a clear hole in the AI’s ability to reason or predict based on, well, anything other than imagery.


What we get in this video posted by AI Drawings on TikTok is something undoubtedly grim and dark, but also highly unlikely. Why? Well, this AI was asked to draw World War 4 specifically, when a potential WW3 has yet to even happen. And, if such a horrific thing were to come to pass, it would almost certainly involve nuclear weaponry, which would in turn destroy much of the planet. Of the scant few humans that would be left in comparison, there wouldn’t be much to war over to even consider a later conflict between post-apocalyptic humans a “world” war. If the planet could even survive a third world war, a potential fourth would certainly not involve planes and missiles, but rather swords, shields, bows, arrows, and the occasional gun (especially in the US). Of course, we know that these AI only work from our image searches and the results, so perhaps our own limited imaginations are to blame, which honestly is even scarier. Recommended for you

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