An AI was asked to draw what it thinks the next president will look like, and its answers are surprisingly well drawn. However, the AI exhibits a blatant blind spot as to who it thinks will most likely be the next president of the United States.


Did you happen to see any women in that lineup of potential future presidents, posted by AI Overload? Nah, why would that be? After all, AI art apps are only able to draw their illustrations based on the global online image search and result data, which humans generated. The US has not had a female president in its entire history, and even just in 2020 saw its first female vice president. There are likely very few depictions of women as the president in image search results for simply “president”, so the majority of the results are likely to be male-leaning. Hence, you have an AI that simply cannot imagine a woman as president, sadly because much of the US still can’t either. Instead, we’re more likely to get some conservative — judging by the consistent red ties throughout all of these results — white dude with a white beard. And, judging by how things are going domestically, that AI is probably on the money.