That exact question was posed to an artificially intelligent drawing app, and you might expect to see something profound or poignant. However, this AI’s answers will surprise you.


Thanks to the TikTok account known simply as Artificial Intelligence for posting this video. That said, we’re a bit underwhelmed by the shockingly limited results. When you think of AI, you immediately think along the lines of mental superiority or a larger, wider base of knowledge than a human brain can contain. However, it’s important to remember how these AI apps work. Because these apps base their drawings on the data sets of internet searches and their results, all generated by humans, they only have what our imaginations have produced to work with. With that in mind, it isn’t terribly surprising then that the AI wasn’t going to produce some mind-blowing image that gives us any answers. We’ve seen lots of comments in response to videos like this that express fear over the development of AI, but it doesn’t seem like we have too much to worry about — at least in the short term. AI inherits our own limitations, biases, and flaws because it couldn’t have existed without us. That doesn’t speak for further into the future, but by then we will likely have developed a way to coexist with higher-functioning AI.