But, with the dawn of artificial intelligence art apps, we can now get images that are at least a sort of consensus as to what certain things might look like that we haven’t yet seen or understand. We all must be pretty spooked about aliens, then, because this AI’s answers to what aliens look like are consistent in their creepiness.


Each and every one of these AI-generated aliens looks as if it is staring either right through you or into your soul. Thanks to AIPhotos for sharing this set of AI drawings sure to scare the bejeezus out of you. We have to admit, the gray one with the more insect- like head and orange, glowing nostrils (we think) is the scariest one. The alien looks the most like it recognizes what it’s looking at, which is frightening in and of itself. “Composite pic of all the pics it has in memory of photos downloaded,” one commenter quickly clarified, which is actually pretty much true as to how AI drawing apps work. “These are just Grays? What about the other ones,” another commenter questions, to which we see say, “There are more?” Finally, we’re a bit heartened but also perturbed by this last comment: “They are sort of beautiful.” Sure, let’s appreciate the beauty and splendor of newfound sentient life in the universe, but let’s not get too hot and bothered too soon, right?