That’s what this TikToker asked an artificially intelligent drawing app to make for them. Thankfully, this query didn’t give the AI much room to get weird with things, so the results are simply magical and satisfying to look at.


Big thanks to AI Visionary for posting this video with all of this warm, comfy AI artwork. The first image just might be our favorite, with its prismatic nature and imagery of upward movement onto a higher plane. We also deeply appreciate the second-to-last image for similar reasons. It’s interesting to us that most of these AI images are consistently that of verdant life and growth. That makes sense considering the theme of life everlasting in the works of The Bible and other religious texts. “Can’t believe it’s gonna be more beautiful than this,” one commenter posted, which is impressive considering these images were generated by a computer. “Stupid AI … this soooo ugly,” one commenter posted, “the real heaven is above your imagination.” Which, OK, fair point, but “soooo ugly?” That’s a little much. “Paradise is more beautiful than this that your brain, eyes, or even your self can’t imagine,” another commenter said. OK, we get it, no depiction would be sufficient, but we can at least agree that they’re still gorgeous and inspiring.