The game is known simply as ZType, and it’s completely free. How does it work exactly? Find that out by watching along.


According to the video arranged and posted by TikTok’s Matty McTech, the game looks a lot like a cross between Asteroids and Missile Commands, where only correct key presses to spell the words will destroy the space rocks. The low-key pressure of stopping the asteroids should help develop muscle memory over time. However, our only concern is whether this game teaches proper typing form, such as neutral finger placement and all that. Many TikTok users are comparing this ZType game to the typing games of their youth, particularly one developed by PopCap (the company behind Bejeweled) called TyperShark. Better yet, several users are claiming that it has already helped them type faster and more accurately than before, so why not give it a shot yourself? At any rate, some of us could use all the sharpening up we could get in the typing department.