Huawei’s latest model in this line is the Mate Xs 2. The coolest feature of this next-generation foldable phone is exactly how it unfolds to become a tiny tablet.


That’s quite a parlor trick, huh? With one tap of a red button, the screen automatically begins to unfold into the larger display setting. This video was captured by TikToker known as “.technology_”. The Huawei Mate Xs 2 won’t be available in the US and, even if you were to import, it may not work regardless due to the ongoing ban. This is despite Huawei issuing a recommended retail price of $2,598 in US dollars. At any rate, it’s fascinating to look at for a while and think about where the not-so distant future will lead us. If you, like so many commenters on this video, are interested in this phone or a phone like this, might enjoy Samsung’s latest foldable phone, the just-announced Galaxy Z Flip 4. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long wait before Apple releases a foldable iPhone, if ever at all.