Apparently, NASA recently released an incredible audio recording of the Big Bang recently … don’t think too much about the physics of sound wave travel here and just enjoy.


TKTK Posted by a TikToker known as AstroKobi, this was a great gag by the video creator. If you didn’t stop to even briefly think about the physics behind how sound travels and how far it can travel, you might have been waiting for something truly revelatory. What we got was a big old goose egg. Here’s how the viewers are taking this one. “There is no longer anyone I trust on this app,” a betrayed viewer commented. “You were the only one, man. The only one.” “What if he isn’t joking?” another viewer asked. “I argued with my parents to mute the TV for a second just to hear this,” another commenter complained. “I actually can’t… the way my heart sank,” a viewer said, speaking for all of us. So, how does the internet feel? Betrayed, AstroKobi, we feel betrayed. Recommended for you

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