One tech TikToker took the time to think out how real-world lightsabers would be used in combat, and while he’s probably right, the implications this idea has for future warfare are downright frightening.


The TikToker who posted the video is Marcus Vance, and while there isn’t a ton of action in his clip, there are a ton of engrossing (and scary) ideas. Basically, what Vance thinks is, if some sort of laser blade like a lightsaber were applied in real-world situations, it would be in response to robotic combatants on the battlefield. This is because most robotic soldiers would be resistant to standard-issue rifle fire, requiring higher caliber rounds fired from much heavier guns. Since it would be unreasonable to expect every soldier to carry a heavy-duty rifle, it’s possible that some sort of hand-torch or laser knife could be employed to penetrate the heavy armor of robotic soldiers at close range. So, what does that all mean? If real-life lightsabers are introduced to contemporary warfare, that likely means that a substantial amount of robots are on the field that require a different kind of approach. Once you’ve put guns and other weapons in the hands of autonomous machines, you’ve already lost the real war. Recommended for you

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