Take the below video as evidence of our case. This guy made a video impersonating how each type of Tesla owner opens their car. By the time you get to the end of this video, you should understand why most Tesla owners are, in fact, insufferable.


Posted by an account known — unironically — as StopTeslaShaming, the video details the user’s impression of how each Tesla owner opens their cars. Naturally, the last impression is how he opens his Tesla, the way the “pros” do it. If our eyes rolled back any further, they would detach and fall out. We’re now gatekeeping how people open their cars? Truly no one is safe. “Why can’t it just have a normal door handle?” one viewer asks the question we’re all thinking. “Tesla owners are so corny,” another viewer joked with a laughing emoji. “Didn’t take me long to adopt the Pro method … it’s the superior way,” a fellow Tesla fan commented, thus affirming the previous comment. “I use my pinky with a kinda hang loose motion,” another Tesla driver commented, adding to the insanity. Do you see now why we say such things? They’re proving our point for us. Recommended For You

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