We wish we could have shared this advice with this guy before he painted his PlayStation 4 olive green to match his partner’s living room aesthetic. Just watch in horror as this poor soul surely ruins his favorite game console with wall paint.


This video was posted by a quite popular TikToker known as Brooke Barry of her husband painting his PS4 so it could match her chosen living room aesthetic. First off, we’ll just say that painting any game console, especially one that generates as much heat as the PS4, is a bad idea. Even if you’re careful, the heat generated by the console could cause problems down the road for that device. You even run the risk of sealing the console’s essential buttons with paint, as well as the disc drive if there is one. It’s not as if the guy is using a detail brush — nope, just a regular old paint brush you’d slap on the wall. You can see the console’s buttons covered in paint. “Could’ve just got a PS4 decal…” one commenter sagely pointed out. Seriously, we found an olive green PS4 skin for just $18 on MightySkins, surely this TikTok power couple can afford it. “You could’ve left it black and put it in the center of the fireplace,” another viewer said. “It would’ve looked nice.” “Did it still work afterrrr?” another commenter asked. Unfortunately, we don’t know, though a later video showing it on the mantle after drying did not show the PS4 turned on. That’s not the best look — best not to risk it and just a get a dang skin.