Nay, says this illustrious TikToker and inventor! But, just wait until you see how his solution addresses this infrequent but annoying (maybe?) problem.


So, do you think UnnecessaryInventions’s solution for the mobile cup holder is a winner? We’re honestly not so sure, but really because it’s such a rare problem to begin with and even at that not a terrible inconvenience. “This design is very human,” quipped one TikTok commenter, which really just captures the whole thing, doesn’t it? This is why we love UnnecessaryInventions on TikTok, because of his ridiculous solutions to problems that don’t really exist. “Imagine you accidentally stand up,” another commenter hilariously chimed in with. Who knows what other pointless inventions we’ll see in this wild generation. Hey, NFTs were a thing for far too long, so anything is possible.