However, if you’re new to the Android world or simply haven’t dug that deep, this little shortcut might surprise you. It might also be extremely helpful in cutting down time spent swiping and tapping through menus. And, all it takes is two fingers.


Swipe from the top of the screen with two fingers, and boom, you have access to nearly all of the Android interface’s settings. Thanks to Ta Tech Tips of TikTok for this handy reminder. What’s so impressive about this trick is that iPhones have a similar function, but it’s not nearly as comprehensive. On iPhone, swiping down from the top-right reveals a control panel of sorts that can be customized a bit. However, you still need to find the Settings app to go any deeper. Not so with Android: one two-fingered swipe from the top of the screen, and you’re one more tap away from several key settings pages. Judging by the comments, Ta was able to help out a lot of folks. But what we’re most entertained by is this … suggestive take: “My phone suddenly blushed,” said the unfortunately-named noSoyBoy, which had us rolling on the floor.