Would you do it?


“I didn’t spend six years on a submarine to say no to a less dangerous environment, send it,” says a commenter. “For sure!!!!” exclaims another. One viewer of the video offers some advice. “Don’t stay too long, radiation and atrophy aren’t fun. I’d definitely go, though.” “Noooo!” says one. “Yeeees!” writes another. This user seems ready to immediately. “I leave tomorrow,” he says. “If I were younger, single, and adventurous (which I am),” writes a video viewer, “then that would be a big, fat yes.” “Sure, why not?” This commenter writes before making an odd admission: “Tired of living on earth.” One user hilariously boils it down to one comfort of home. “Do they have fast WiFi?” We thought we’d share with readers this video of a view from the ISS and an offer to ponder the question. It certainly looks fascinating, to say the least. Recommended for you

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