This video, posted by TikTok user @katamogz, walks you through a way to hide your photos when this happens.


The first thing to note after watching the video is that on the final screen there is an “Ignore Time Limit” button. But according to the creator of the video, you can add a passcode for that button so not just anyone can bypass this functionality by touching that. “OMG, I’m doing that ASAP,” says a viewer of the video. “Love this,” writes another. “Because that doesn’t look suspicious,” a reader says. “Here hun, use my phone but everything is locked up.” Interesting," writes a viewer of the video. “Sad I need to do this so a certain dude doesn’t see all the other dudes I talk to. Don’t judge me!” “I would probably not want them to look at messages,” one person says with a thought toward other functions similar to this. A user acknowledges an uncomfortable fact. “A lot of damage could be done in one minute of scrolling through photos.” “Me already knowing this because I had a helicopter mom who would lock my phone every day and night and set 1 minute limits on me on apps,” writes another with some experience in this area. One video viewer offers a different tip. “You can also add the photo icon to a blank screen page and hide the screen page by clicking on … at bottom of your phone.” “Thank you, now I can control my son’s social media limit,” says a parent. Recommended for you

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