Broken down by Mark’s Tech on TikTok, there are 10 most important features and changes to know about what’s coming in iOS 16 this fall when the new interface becomes available for free. We’re particularly excited about what you’ll finally be able to do with your iMessages.


That’s right, you’ll soon be able to edit and even unsend (!!!) your iMessages sent to other eligible Apple devices. If you live in a family and/or friend circle that’s primarily Apple-centric, this could be a game changer for you. You definitely haven’t felt happier than you will this fall when you’re able to make those ill-advised 1 a.m. texts disappear. Other features that should have you excited include more customizable lock screens that will hide notifications, fitness features baked into the iPhone, and the Apple Pay Later function to split large purchases across installments. In fact, that Apple Pay upgrade is likely to further the transformation of how people buy big-ticket products online. Now, many of the commenters are going on about how Android phones have had these features for years. True, but what’s also true is that Android users got the first versions of those features, whereas iPhone users will get the longer-baked takes on them. Sorry — it’s just, well, the truth.