While some people invested hundreds of hours and dollars into building the most complex sets offered by Lego, there are even more incredible possibilities out there. Unfortunately, there are some wonderful projects that are just out of the reach of regular hobbyists. The team at Lego has put together an incredible model, as TikTok user @sealedanalyst shows. Commenters were blown away by this incredible project, but they had some quips built around their own experiences. “I bet you it’s built better and will work better than the real one,” chirped MrHowieG. Antown Lara remarked, “Great now we’ll have Electric Lego cars.” “Imagine dropping it while putting it on display,” mentioned daxcrees (not sure if you can even carry anything that size on a tray). I’m literally astonished by this unique build. I’m sure it took longer to come up with the idea and design the project, much longer than it took to put the pieces together. It’s amazing to see what these creative folks are doing, and we can’t wait to see what they think of next.