While that’s technically true, because paradoxes are inevitable and therefore would break the space time continuum, perhaps we’re looking at this the wrong way. This self-proclaimed mad scientist on TikTok has invented a time machine through some clever tricks that might redefine what at least practical time travel means. Their clever method involves a virtual reality (VR) headset and years of work, and truly allows them to relive moments of their past. Here’s how:


Clearly this took a massive amount of time and energy from TikTok’s Lucas Rizzotto — as it should have been figuring out a way to re-live a slice of your life. Rizzotto is clearly a software engineering whiz who’s able to develop VR graphics and applications with impressive accuracy and fidelity. He’s also clearly inspired by time travel and dystopian fiction, particularly Back To The Future and Black Mirror, as one commenter keenly found. “This gives me MAJOR Black Mirror vibes,” the comment reads. But, what’s so impressive to me is that, while not maybe to this caliber of fidelity, anyone could create this time machine. That’s because in truth, this is more like an interactive photo album than an honest-to-goodness time machine. All it takes is a 3D camera, a VR headset, and lots of digital storage space, and you too could create a personal time machine to relive your years or most cherished recorded moments.