At least according to a video of this man shared by goofy TikToker Chance Lanham, who jokingly claims by pure word association that Apple is the root of all evil. But that’s not all — watch the video to see just how far down the rabbit hole this man goes.


It all comes down to that $666.66 price for the first-ever Apple computer (which is true, by the way) and that the iPhone has a third camera. You know, your third eye? Get it? Yeah, it’s a stretch for us, too. What’s perhaps even more amusing about this video is the amount of people in the comments that seem to buy this hook, line, and sinker. One commenter chimed in with, “My guy has a point,” which received 66 likes. That’s one person and 66 others that actually believe this, and that’s just one of 3,239 comments. This makes us scared for civilization, honestly. “Huh, this guy is actually making sense,” another commenter said, to which 13 more people liked (i.e. agreed). They’re multiplying, so is it time we turned off the Internet or what? We had a good run.