The German auto maker’s new concept car features so much cutting-edge technology that it’s tough to focus on anything about it. It’s just an onslaught of shine and sparkle. We’re here to help with that: for starters, focus on the wheels when you first watch this crazy concept car in action.


Those wheels look more like complete spheres, with the ability to turn 180 degrees to merge lanes and parallel park more easily. Thanks to Juice Globe for posting this TikTok and sharing this crazy tech with us. That’s not even where the advances stop with this Avatar-inspired vehicle, namely the “bionic flaps” on its back that double as an extremely fine-tuned spoiler as well as brake lights. These flaps that move with the car as it changes direction or stops make the vehicle look more like a living car. Meanwhile, the inside looks like the interior of an alien spacecraft, with a gear shift-like throttle that responds with the direction and intensity with which you press it — with no steering wheel or pedals. This is the future of driving, but it’s tough to predict how far off we are. One commenter had an interesting take on this. They asked, “Why do I feel like [this is] possible to make now?” What’s interesting is that they’re half right. Having been inside a few concept cars in the past, we know that they’re definitely possible to make now. However, those concept cars cost untold amounts of money in research and development to produce just one unit. If the Mercedes AVTR were to be released today, it would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars — if not millions — to cover the costs and turn a profit. The technology needs to reach a level of reliable production so as to meet demand and reduce costs.