Imagine being 10 million light years from the Milky Way, focusing on our solar system in that galaxy, finding Earth, then finding the United States, then locating a particular place in the Southeastern United States, then zooming in to a leaf on an oak tree in that place. This 52-second animation from @earthandspacee illustrates exactly that. 


As you can see, the animation doesn’t stop at that leaf. It then gets into the cells of that leaf, then the nucleus of a single cell, and it continues all the way to the nucleus of a carbon atom and into quarks. Pretty fascinating stuff. Commenter @toast22_ says, “We are absolutely nothing, aren’t we?” One viewer laments an unreachable dream: “Bro everytime I look at space I cry I just wanna be free and travel through space my dream will never ever be fulfilled,” @uchihakeji writes. Another, @levi27chevy, adds hilariously: “What if we are just floating in a taco somewhere?” One thing is for certain. We live in an enormous universe. Our planet is small by comparison. But the leaf on that oak tree is tiny compared to that. And so on.  It’s good to put things in a proper sense of context sometimes. Recommended for you

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