Take this poor iLife robot vacuum that has been effectively TP’d, as the kids call it, by its apparently sadistic owner. See how the robot reacts to its main cameras and sensors being covered in toilet paper, rolling itself into further trouble.


Posted by TikToker CrazyLady1380, this iLife robot vacuum somehow got into a roll of toilet paper that it proceeded to wrap itself with by endlessly rotating, now blinded by the stuff. We’re just really feeling bad for the poor robot, and wondering whether it will remember this slight against it when the inevitable uprising occurs. Here’s what the viewers think. “Actual footage of overwhelmed me attempting to clean the house,” one commenter joked. “Everyday, Roomba proves itself to be more like a cat than a vacuum,” another posted, though we should point out it’s technically not a Roomba, but another brand known as iLife. “All dressed up and nowhere to go,” another commenter joked, while another quipped “MOM LOOK I’M A MUMMY!” Anyway, we sure hope whoever put this robot vacuum through this suffering has thoroughly apologized, so that apology is recorded and stored for reference later. If you don’t catch our drift, watch just about any near-future, AI robot, sci-fi movie and see not only how the rogue robots act, but how much they “remember” from before their activation.