So, do you want to see how it might have happened? Watch the video below, and you’re sure to get chills at the thought of just how small you are in the grand universe.


We don’t know about you, but this video posted by SpacePlaneet gave us some goosebumps. What’s so weird about this interpretation is the blank silence that occurs just before the secondary explosion that sends every galaxy and star cluster far out into space. What’s also interesting is how the center of the Bing Bang dims out but is still barely visible as the countless galaxies spread across the empty space. This implies that there is still a “center” of the universe after all this time. “Why did that give me chills,” one commenter asked with a “shocked” emoji. “I cried,” another commenter admitted. “Why?” “I want to know what’s at the center of the universe,” another commenter said. “It would have to be something so powerful and yet so beautiful.” Finally, our absolute favorite take: “All these universes and still think you can’t shift?” a commenter rhetorically asks. “Try again.” That’s right, TikTok generation, you keep shifting while we keep … having a laugh at it.