This TikToker claims to have found a “secret code” for the AI art app that he uses, which looks completely unrelated to what it produces. After seeing what this code manages to make the AI drawing app create, you won’t believe what the secret words are to do it.


Just look at these beautiful landscapes that TikToker GreenSkull has discovered through this secret code. We’re particularly impressed by the first and third drawings. What’s interesting is that entering this “secret code” query each time produces different results that are equally as inspiring. This code, which works with the MidJourney AI drawing app, is simply “first-person screenshot, –ar 16:9” to produce the images like you see in the video. Why is this even a thing? Our best guess is that it’s a code used for development of the AI in the first place. Either that or this is the amalgamated result of what comes back when people worldwide searched for “first-person screenshot” in that aspect ratio. Regardless, we could see great use for this query in real-life applications. Some of these results look like legitimate wall art for a home (a particularly nerdy home) or as visual aids in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. At least that’s how we would first use them. Let’s see what the viewers are saying. “I like the idea of using the correct words to get a perfect result,” one commenter mused, “despite the cool chaos that’s also possible.” “AI is going to steal a lot of concept artist positions,” another viewer commented … likely rather correctly.