Now, when you watch this video, you’re going to feel as if you need to be a computer whiz to pull this off, but trust us when we say that it’s easy. Watch and listen closely to each step, and you’ll be working with a cleaner computer in no time.


So, after you’ve followed each step as described above by Brewster on TikTok, you will know whether any of the essential system files on your computer have been corrupted. From there, you can more easily research and better navigate the help pages with the exact file names in hand rather than a vague search. What else we like about this trick is that, not only does it make you feel a little bit like a hacker, but it can potentially cut out the need for a professional. Repairing computers can often cost hundreds of dollars if not more, so to avoid that expense would be nice for most people. So, with this information, you can now search for common errors with that file name and detailed guides on how to correct the issues. Microsoft’s own support page is ideal for this, but even places like Reddit could be helpful as well.