Unfortunately, how things are going to go isn’t exactly good for life on Earth much less any other sentient life in this galaxy or the one next door. You see, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are set on a super-slow motion collision course. Check out what it might look like from several light years away.


Thanks to the TikToker known as DD for sharing this video, chock full with facts about this monumental intergalactic event that’s scheduled to occur in billions of years. According to the video, Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away from the Milky Way, traveling toward us at about 187 miles per second. Even traveling that absurdly fast, it will take about 5 billion years for the outer rim of Andromeda to come into contact with the Milky Way. When the two galaxies collide, stars will be shot out of the mass due to the momentum of competing sources of gravity, while others will collide directly. Who knows what the damage will look like in the end, but it’s theorized that the two black holes at the center of each galaxy will merge into one, creating a new, even larger galaxy that scientists have dubbed “Milkomeda”. Honestly, we think that sounds pretty lame, but that’s what you get when you rely on scientists to name things instead of marketing departments.