Naturally, those techy gadgets are also impossibly cute. Just watch for how this woman chooses to serve her sushi dinner — it’s just the most adorable thing.


She fully assembled a toy train set with which to serve the a la carte sushi dishes! That’s just kind of insane even if it’s your Saturday night activity — now imagine if this is just Tuesday for the MyKoreanHome TikTok account. We were also quite impressed with the couple’s wireless phone charger that spreads out wings when charging, and so are a lot of commenters. Oh, and the light-up chopsticks could be a game changer. Of course, the star of this show is the tiny electric hot plate bringing that soup to a simmer filled with some delicious-looking mushrooms. We also love the random ghost candle that could definitely be found at your local dollar store down the street, not to mention the adorable tissue dispenser from the plushy boy’s nose. If the near future is this cute, definitely count us in. We could do with some more Kirby representation, though.