So what do these creative geniuses have up their sleeves for Halloween? We’ve seen a Stranger Things set with flashing letters and a hair-raising Upside Down. Well, as Tiktok user @pchaxwithmax shows us, it looks like they’ve managed to construct something is terrifyingly amazing and unique. This has to be one of the most complicated construction sets ever offered by the company and it’s drawing some interesting reactions. “looks a bit like the haunted house ride they have!” said Linds, referring to the company’s new empire of theme parks. mif mif 123 admits, “i would pay every single dollar that i own to buy that.” terrycarrot2 speaks for many of us with, “knowing me imma drop it right after I exit the store.” This brings the hobby brand into a new realm with something so complex but practical. Could something like this actually work in the long run for someone who loves gaming and would use it frequently? Even if it wouldn’t be sustainably functional, give the company credit for a terrific project that combines two loves: computers and horror. Also, big ups for the presenter on TikTok for having the PERFECT British accent for this reveal.