You see, they have somehow managed to fit their iPhone inside of either a fake or hollowed-out Texas Instruments scientific calculator. Check out the video below to see how this strange — and ill advised — iPhone hack works.


The TikTok user known simply as Jose slowly pulls a fake, rubbery skin off the face of the calculator to reveal an iPhone inside. Worse even is the fact that the phone already has an app open that appears to be able to help users with math problems that it can read and solve using the camera. It seems like an easy mode for math problems. However, viewers are poking many holes through this plan. “Calculator starts ringing,” one commenter posted, painting a picture of the not-so-distant future for the original video creator. “Teacher: Why does your calculator say your mom’s calling?” another commenter replied. “The teacher: ‘Can I use your calculator really quick?’” a final commenter’s post said. Basically, what the internet is trying to say is: this is cool, but a terrible idea for multiple reasons. At last, this commenter shows the consequences of getting caught cheating in this way: “Tried this, and let’s just say I have to take my test next to the teacher’s desk now.”