What we have here is a masterpiece of astrophotography—a shot of the Moon so brilliant that we must have a look at the video now and then follow up with a bit of reaction after. Here is the 45-second video provided by Andrew McCarthy, known as @cosmic_background on TikTok. In his words, “Watch to the end for the payoff—a 100 megapixel image of the moon.”


Pretty magnificent, isn’t it? Let’s go to the comments and see what people are saying about this achievement.

Here’s one: “My guy, do you have tutorials anywhere? Your work is mind blowing!”

“I think I’m running out of money buying your masterpieces. Every time I get on here it’s something new and out of this world. Your work is awesome,” writes one commenter. Others are short on words but full of admiration. “Absolutely stunning.”  “Masterful!!!” “Amazing!” “Beautiful.” One commenter asks, “Wow, I had no idea so much work was involved. where do you learn how to do this process?” To which McCarthy replies, “Years of trial and error.” “I love everything about what you do. Always brightens my day when you come across my FYP!” says another viewer of the video. The photographer’s work appears to have inspired this commenter to look to the stars himself: “Absolutely stunning my man. I’m looking forward to getting a telescope in the future.” We hope you are inspired as well. It’s a wonderful work of art and we are thrilled to be able to share it.  Recommended for you

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