Camille Calibeo, knows as @thegalacticgal on TikTok, shares a video with us that explains exactly what the breakthrough means for astronomers.


(Here is Part 2 of the video.) “Impressive!” exclaims one commenter. Calibeo replies, “It’s incredible what we can do when we work together.” The black hole itself is four million times more massive than our Sun and is roughly 27,000 light-years away from Earth. Its image was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope. “This made me so happy and I don’t know why! I just get excited about the universe,” remarks another commenter. “It was proven long time ago,” writes a viewer of the video. Just this is the first time they can make picture of it." Calibreo clarifies: “No it was still hypothesized until this photo.” “I’m not convinced Einstein wasn’t from space,” one commenter writes. “Theory of general relativity is looking pretty good right now.” “Does it have a name?” someone asks? Yes, it’s “Sagittarius A*.” A user writes, “Yet some people are still mulling over the shape of the earth.” “Woooow,” writes another. One commenter seems a little worried. “Soooo. Uhhh. Are we gonna be ok..?” “Amazing!” is another exclamation. Yes, it is amazing. We’re fortunate to live in the time we do so we can observe these incredible discoveries. Recommended for you

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