For instance, in Japan, a trend of high-tech feminine fashion is underway, with casual dresses that can be programmed to display unique patterns. But, that’s just the tip of the high-tech iceberg of what sorts of futuristic innovations are at play in everyday Japanese life. You won’t believe how Japan has improved their toilets!


As mega-nerds, we’ve always wanted to visit Japan, but that desire has only grown more intense after watching this brilliant video by Alex Talks & Info on TikTok. Our personal favorite high-end solutions shown in the video are the semi-liquid spill cleaner that uses little more than a metal sheet, as well as the countless vending machines. The fact that you can get nearly anything necessary for everyday life within a vending machine just appeals to something in me, likely the feeling of getting to use the gum ball machines as a kid. One commenter named gabgab.gabgab summarized it nicely with, “Japan, where everything makes sense.” Another user named Jim.cupasan quipped, “Japan lives in 2099.” Finally, we’re seeing lots of users commenting how badly they want to visit Japan. We feel you, wistful users of TikTok, we really do.