SpaceX, the private rocket company that works in collaboration with NASA, recently launched one of its Falcon 9 rockets to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). One of the astronauts on board managed to grab a clip of footage from near-Earth orbit while docked on the ISS.


This video, posted by the SpaceX account on TikTok, is an excellent piece of evidence to present to the flat earth crowd. Also, it’s interesting that there are no stars in the visible space around Earth, which one commenter claims is due to being several thousand miles closer to the sun. This increases the light exposure, which makes it impossible for the camera to resolve the tiny lights of the stars at this height from Earth. Of course, the viewers are reveling in the spectacle, with comments like, “Just thinking that could possibly be us with civilian space travel amazes me.” “OMG, now imagine in 40 to 50 years from now, we could start colonizing our solar system, probably build space elevators, and much more,” another commenter gushed. We also just have to highlight some of the one-liners commenters came up with in response, like, “Oh my god, I’m on the wrong plane!” “Bro said he knew a place,” another commenter joked. Finally, a commenter simply asked, “What graphics card do you use?” Because, you know, surely this must be a graphical simulation. After all, didn’t you know it’s all flat anyway?