Well, this seemingly desperate wife is about to test that theory while her husband leaves the room without his phone. Husbands and partners, pay close attention to what this wife wish-casts into her husband’s phone.


What does this TikToker known as Amanda Lindenberg wish for from her husband so badly — in the most tongue-in-cheek way — that she tries to manipulate her husband’s phone ads? Oh, you know, the usual: doing the dishes, taking out the trash, but most notably “male therapy,” which we found hilarious. We also love that she squeezed some designer clothing and accessories as some cherries on top — too funny. “Lol, and the first one you say is THERAPY, lmao,” one viewer pointed out. “Brilliant,” another viewer commented. “Tonight, I’m doing this! How to book a massage for her.” “Me running to my husband’s phone,” another viewer posted along with a running woman emoji. And finally, we may well have confirmation of whether this trick works: “That’s how I got my furbabies — love my hubby,” one viewer said. Recommended for you

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