Watch as this woman discovers the Atlas robot demonstration footage in the front seat of her car, and the abject dread that grows on her face.


Posted by a TikToker known as BigMouthsMomma, the video just details the extended clips of the Boston Dynamics demonstration of Atlas, along with her increasingly dreaded reactions. Her best reaction is when she paints a scenario of several hundred — or even just 50 — of these robots marching down a residential street. Here’s how the viewers are taking it. “Terminator was a movie of things to come,” one viewer predicted. “We’ll FIGHT Atlas in the Future.” “Fire department, law enforcement team and other risky tasks,” another viewer said. Finally, here’s a guy that totally shares the video creator’s energy: “Here we go… I guess we didn’t learn the lesson that Frankenstein was trying to teach us,” one viewer said. “Just tell me that there’s at least an ‘OFF’ switch.” Recommended for you

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