Take these deepfaked childhood photos of Danny Devito as a young school girl, for instance. Just try not to laugh seeing the man who played Matilda’s terrible father in the book’s film adaptation looking more like Matilda than her dad.


Posted by a TikTok account that goes by Sir Isaac Egg Devito Jr., who apparently does exclusively this trick on their account, this is the funniest version of the deepfake trick we’ve seen. How long will it honestly take for this woman’s poor mother to realize her home has been invaded by portraits of America’s favorite short comedian? Here’s how the viewers are taking it in. “I’m telling mom,” one viewer simply joked. “Hilarious!” said even the official Santa Claus TikTok account. “I bet someone else points it out to her before she notices,” another viewer said. “Imagine she has the girls over and ones like ‘Why do you like Danny Devito so much?’’ “At some point you’re just gonna have a family of Danny DeVito’s,” another viewer said. Yes, may all of our family photos be a family of Danny DeVito’s — that would be true justice. Recommended for you

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