Sometimes we have to sit back and wonder, “how do they do that all?” Drones are true collections of modern technology, from advances in microchips to wireless connectivity, has made the diverse models available true marvels in today’s engineering. It looks like TikTok user @gdynvwx has found a really impressive version that fits a lot into a small version.  Like many, I am BLOWN AWAY by how much that little drone in such a small size. I love that the carrying case doubles as a tiny rolling suitcase and it fits everything, plane and controller. I would be interested to see the range on that model, as I would suspect it is much smaller than the larger units.  Commenters on this video really want to try this out and made their interest clear. Daniel asked, “I need one how much is it and how can I get it?” “Some will misuse this drone to abuse people’s privacy,” warned karraYakub.