And bam. You are happily reminded that you installed the smart shades because they have already opened and the first light of the beautiful day is already greeting the inside of the house. Life is good. TikTok poster @builderbrigade shows off the very cool new addition.


“I have searched the Internet high and low trying to find smart shades that work with Apple Homekit that don’t cost a million dollars,” @builderbrigade tells us. He even has a solar panel hooked up to them so they never have to be charged. “This is freakin awesome! We will be getting these!” writes commenter @applingfarmhouse. Another commenter is impressed as well. “Love your TikTok. It’s inspiring,” writes @cloudycloudycloudycloudy. “But what about the mornings when you want to sleep in and there they go at sunrise lol?” asks @piedmontmeagan. Our video poster assures her they are programmed for Monday through Friday only. Commenter @tjefferso jokes, “Next stop, a remote for the TV.” All kidding aside, this is cool in concept and execution. We’ll be on the lookout for the next addition. Recommended for you

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