With cool features like stories, boomerang, and countless filters, this super-famous photosharing app is at the top of the trade. That being said, it has also received a lot of flak for catering to negative trends, especially when it comes to beauty standards. It’s also becoming quite crowded on the app. So if you are on the lookout for another similar platform where you can share awesome pictures with no judgments, take a look at a few social media apps like Instagram. Some of the apps on the list might not be as big as Instagram or Snapchat but they’re growing by leaps and bounds.

Apps Like Instagram

1. Flickr

Flickr has been in existence for a while now, almost as long as Instagram. Unlike Instagram, Flickr caters more towards professionals, which is the true merit of this app. With high definition pictures and amazing resolution, you can separate yourself from the amateur photographs. You can also interact with people who truly appreciate some good photography skills. Flickr also functions as a cloud storage app, letting you use any of the images posted here at a later date. Fewer people, less chaff, and more quality than quantity when it comes to engaging with people, Flickr has it all. The only drawback, if it can be called so, is its lack of popularity. Your posts won’t go as viral as on Instagram and the user engagement isn’t as dynamic. Hashtags also hold lesser power here than its contemporary. Considering the refreshing lack of judgment and constant scrutiny, the drawbacks seem negligible. Overall, if you enjoy taking brilliant photos and sharing your art with like-minded people, Flickr is just the place for you.

2. Imgur

More popular than Flickr, Imgur also has more user engagement than the former. It works in the same way as any photo-sharing platform; you upload pictures clicked by you, which can be viewed and shared by others. However, Imgur has a few distinct benefits: memes and funny content are just as popular as regular pictures on this platform. Knowing the exponential popularity of memes, one can agree that Imgur has an upper hand over its competition. The abundance of original quality content makes Imgur a veritable gold mine. So if you are browsing it to kill some time, you’ll be spending an unhealthy amount of time on this app. Another undisputed benefit of Imgur is its compatibility with major chatroom apps like Reddit. Reddit users embed a lot of Imgur links in their posts. If you have ever spent time there, you know the popularity of this image-sharing app. Imgur also lets you create and share GIFs by the thousands, making it one of the most popular media forms used in the app. If you’re looking for an Instagram alternative, Imgur should be a perfect fit.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest may seem like an unlikely candidate, but it serves its purpose. If you are looking for high-quality pictures, this app is the way to go. Pinterest lets you share images as well as view them, but they are segregated by topics rather than people. You still have a publicly visible account and can amass quite a following if you wish, but it is important to understand that this isn’t exactly a socially savvy app, at least not in the conventional sense. That said, the focus on quality clicks in this app can be a respite for people who just want to enjoy some great pictures without drawing too much heat on their back. Overall, Pinterest might be a weaker pick in this list, but it depends on where you come from. It is designed for a singular purpose - something it accomplishes with panache.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr has unfortunately lost its way in the last couple of years, losing tons of its loyal users in the process, but it still is one of the most popular social media apps on the internet. Tumblr makes sharing easy with its smooth interface, which is very easy to get used to once you spend time to learn its ways. However, If you’re coming hot the heels of apps like Instagram, getting used to Tumblr’s interface will take some time. You can share images, videos, GIFs, and pretty much anything else you can think of, in the form of a post called a thread. These threads can be searched with the help of particular hashtags, which is quite fun as Tumblr users come up with very creative tags and usernames. It also lets you create unique GIFs, making this app another meme heaven. You also can’t ignore the nostalgia Tumblr brings with its interface. Do you remember Myspace? The app will definitely take you back to the MySpace era. Tumblr doesn’t, however, feature stories or broadcast live videos like Instagram. Here is hoping that the app catches up with the latest trends and stays relevant.

5. Retrica

Following the stellar success of Instagram, developers have come up with new apps that can mimic or even surpass some of its features. One such app is Retrica. It is fairly new and is slowly catching on, but when you see the pros of this social media, you will be eager to try it. The first and obvious advantage is the sheer number of filters, easily surpassing Instagram in the filter quality. The options are endless, the quality is mindblowing, and sharing, although a bit tricky, is no rocket science once you get the hang of it. The new interface is probably its biggest drawback. It does take a while to get used to, especially when you’re using the app for the first time. But if you have time on your hands and want to try out something fun, give Retrica a shot. It could well be ‘the’ social media app, capturing the market in the coming years.

6. Flipagram

Evidently, Flipagram is designed to compete with Instagram—something it does very well. The interface is a lot similar to the famous photo-sharing platform, with features like stories, videos, and more available at your fingertips. You can even add free music to your stories and videos, creating a cool and interactive experience for any user. Its other similarities with Instagram include checking out trending topics via the search bar, exploring other profiles, and climbing up the social ladder with engaging content. The biggest advantage of Flipagram though is its sharability. You can share your posts via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, WhatsApp, Kik, just to name a few sites. There are so many more options available. With such amazing versatility and user engagement, it looks like Flipagram has got all its bases covered.

7. Cluster

In the age of the internet and social media, online privacy seems like a myth. However, Cluster lets you have some peace and share your life’s precious moments only with those who truly care. This recently launched app has taken the Western world by storm, mainly due to its discreet nature. Cluster lets you share photos and videos, like Instagram, but with only friends and family. Now you no longer have to worry about strangers or trolls criticizing your posts or opinions. This online bubble created by Cluster is earning it a lot of praise and the app is fast becoming popular. It’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot. The app has a grid-like interface just like Instagram and is available across iOS as well as Android platforms.

8. We Heart It

We Heart It defines itself as an image sharing social media app, although its functions vary drastically from Instagram. One thing setting this app apart from the rest is the complete focus on positive and inspirational things. A motivational quote that pumps you up? You will find it here. Looking for a picture of a glorious sunset? You’ve come to the right place. As you can figure out, there is an emphasis on the positive aspects of life, which is a refreshing change of pace from Instagram’s comparison-heavy culture. It’s not all pictures and words; you can also share GIFs and videos, which adds a bit more versatility to this positive bubble. With it all its pros, you should know that most of its user base falls under 24 years of age, mostly comprising of women. Knowing this fact should help you engage better with the app and the people on it.

9. Muzy

Muzy isn’t a competitor to apps like Instagram per se. Instead, it helps increase your following on famous social media platforms by making your profile more attractive. Think Instagram on steroids and you will have a rough idea of what this app is about. Essentially, it helps you create mind-blowing collages of your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, camera roll, or anywhere else you may have stored them. You can also add awesome quotes, frames, and amazing filters to further enhance your profile, without making it too obvious. Of course, Muzy also has a social media aspect to it. You can view other collages of your friends on the app and draw inspiration from it, if you so choose. Muzy is available for free across iOS and Android platforms,

10. VSCO

VSCO is pretty standard fare compared to Instagram. The premise is simple, you can take pictures and upload them on the app where other users can enjoy them. Hashtags and captions are a thing here, just like the photo-sharing giant. What sets it apart from its contemporaries is the attention to detail in enhancing pictures. There are a plethora of filters you can use to improve image quality, which, of course, isn’t something new. The novelty is the ‘tool kit’ option in the app, which takes care of every minor detail. From removing unwanted things to improving skin tone, contrast, and clarity, you have an overwhelming number of options to edit the pictures to your liking. You can also add the makeover images back to your camera roll, or share them on other social media platforms. If you want to keep things simple, VSCO is the app you’re looking for. Its minimalistic interface and editing tools are easy on the eyes and get the job done.

11. Facebook

If you’ve not used Facebook for a long time, it’s possible that this inclusion might confuse you. Over the course of years, the giant has changed a lot, mimicking some of its competition to stay on par with them. Just like Instagram, Facebook features stories, images, and videos with lots of customization options available. While these features are not as slick as Snapchat, it’s rapidly improving. There is no denying that people are going to use texts less as we make further strides towards better connectivity. With Facebook Messenger incorporating video calls for up to 50 people, it’s clear that they believe the same. So that concludes the list of apps similar to Instagram. While most of the app overlap, they also bring something unique to the table. If you’re bored of the same old and want to try your hands on new and upcoming social media apps, this list should cover you. Did I miss out on any other similar app? Let me know in the comments section. © 2019 Rahul Pandey

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