This is where Omegle comes into the picture. This super famous text and video chatting website is renowned for allowing strangers worldwide to connect to each other randomly. Usually filled with users looking to have a naughty time, it has become somewhat saturated over time. With way too many people on it, it is hard to find the right people to chat and engage with. So if you’re looking to get flirtatious or just connect with random strangers, I have compiled some Omegle alternatives you should check out.

Apps and Websites Like Omegle

1. Holla

Holla is an app just like Omegle, but with a couple enhancements. This app matches you with random strangers from across the globe. Where you take the interaction, however, is up to you. There is also an age restriction as it only allows people at least 17 or older. The interface is interactive and fun compared to Omegle, adding another feather in its cap. The users on the app are verified, so you can rest assured that you are interacting with real people. You can also filter who you want to talk to, depending upon your interests. This reduces the unwanted trial and error of finding the right person. Holla has another unique feature: it has a voice call mode, which lets you call and talk to people who speak your language. Now text, video call, or voice call anyone using this fun, interactive app and make new friends all over the world.

2. Chatous

Chatous has both live video and text chat options. Now you can connect with random strangers from the comfort of your home using this simple, user-friendly app. Just like Holla, you can also filter people you want to talk to, depending on your interests. Your interests can be listed out in the form of hashtags. Once you create hashtags, your chances of connecting with someone fun increases by quite a bit. Not only does this act as a great icebreaker, but it also filters out unwanted elements that otherwise creep up on similar apps. You can also share edited pictures, videos, and audio clips during your sessions. These media files usually have a time limit. They expire after some time, ensuring full privacy for all users.

3. Yalla

Another famous app for interacting with strangers, Yalla allows you to send texts, audio clips, and more. Match with any random stranger and try your luck. If you want, you can also opt for a group chat. The chatrooms available on this app can be filtered by interests, so if you’re one of those who love typing it out, have at it. Imagine Reddit, but only with people who are always online and far more responsive. This app also lets you play games with strangers, creating new avenues to have a good time from the comfort of your smartphone. The interface is bright, bubbly, and user-friendly, which helps in wooing new users. Yalla is available for free on both iOS and Android.

4. Azar

You may have heard of Azar already, thanks to their aggressive ad and promotional campaigns. In case you haven’t, Azar is a chatting platform and app like Omegle. It allows you to interact with strangers via video calls. You can call and have a one-on-one session or go live and interact with thousands of users at the same time. There aren’t extensive filters on this app like the ones mentioned above, but Azar still lets you find people according to country and gender of your choice, getting the basics right. What it does excel in is making the video chats far more interactive and thrilling than most apps. Using a plethora of stickers, costumes, and effects, you can add a certain zing to your conversation. There is no need to worry about language differences anymore, as the app also has the option of translating most major languages in real-time, giving you the freedom to talk with any random stranger from any part of the globe, irrespective of linguistic or cultural mismatches.

5. LiveMe

LiveMe is another fantastic app that takes the concept of Omegle and adds a lot more versatility to it. You can text, audio, and video chat with random strangers using a plethora of filters and effects. A unique feature of LiveMe is its ability to make money online. Yes, using this app you can also make you some quick bucks while having a great time. To filter out unwanted elements, you can log in using Facebook or your phone number, which ensures that you meet real, genuine people on this platform. Tired of all the interaction? You can watch funny videos and browse content by category like gaming, dancing, singing, and so on.

6. Rooit

Rooit is another great app like Omegle, taking anonymity and privacy to another level. This app lets you chat and interact with strangers without revealing much about yourself, ensuring a non-judgmental space. Its chatrooms are based on different themes, a feature similar to Yalla. Depending on your interests, you can interact with multiple people and make new friends instantly. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also chat with singles using roleplay games without compromising with your privacy. Discreet and highly interactive, Rooit is a great way to kill some time.

7. Topface

Topface is another similar site to the others on this list, but it is more focused on the dating component. Most users on this app are singles looking to have some fun online. Chat, flirt, video call, and more, all at the click of a button. While a lot of these apps are used with a similar intention, Topface is specifically designed for this purpose, making the user pool a lot more streamlined. Since it is mostly used for such a sensitive purpose, anonymity and privacy are given a lot of importance. You can get involved with users with no guilt or fear. Topface also has a simple filtering option that lets you find people based on gender.

8. AHA

AHA believes in connecting users with like-minded people all across the globe. The app tries to limit spam and fake profiles, so it requires Facebook or some other form of identification. Unlike some of the aforementioned apps, it is exclusively a video chatting platform. Since the purpose of this app is to create new friendships, you don’t have to worry about finding offensive content as you browse through it. To make video sessions more enjoyable, AHA also has plenty of filters, stickers, and effects at its disposal.

9. MeowChat

MeowChat is Omegle on steroids. It is a new, fun, and highly interactive app that lets you chat with strangers. Text and video calls are a standard feature; however, the option to play games makes the app stand out from countless other clones. Two users can play one of the many games available on the app, leading to better bonding. This app is mostly used by single people looking to flirt and have fun online, so if that’s not your cup of tea, give it a pass. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, the app supports six languages: English, Italian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Arabic.

10. Mico

This app comes with a colorful interface and allows video chatting along with a handful of other features. It is fast, easy, and engaging: all attributes that make a great social media app. Users can also send each other virtual gifts, a feature that adds some zing to the whole process. The use of emojis and stickers is also the norm here, thus reducing the emphasis on words. Just like Azar, this app also provides the option to translate in real-time, ensuring no language barriers. You can talk to anyone from across the globe and make connections despite linguistic differences.

11. Pikii

While you can video chat with strangers on Pikii, you can also connect with friends, followers, and major stars around the world, making it a multipurpose app. Its social media features further extend to finding new and exciting pictures and keeping up with the current trends. On top of that, you are also notified when the famous people you are following go live, making it easier to interact with them. The interface is easy and highly user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted lags and other unforeseen problems as long as you have a stable internet connection. Highly versatile and easy to use, Pikii is a must-have, even when you’re not that into video chatting.

12. Fav Talk

Fav Talk is a simple chat app that allows users to connect with strangers, irrespective of geographic differences. If you are not comfortable with the video format, this app is for you. You can create your profile and add interests, which will help you find the right people. Anyone with similar interests will add you to their chatting list. Choose the ones you want to interact with at your leisure. Its simplicity is also its saving grace as you don’t have to worry about finding unsolicited messages or videos. Only your friends will interact with you. As the users on this app are vetted, there is no need to fear fake profiles or bots.

Go Beyond Omegle

Chatting and interacting with strangers under anonymity will always be an attractive facet of social media. While Omegle pioneered it, many of these apps have perfected it. While these Omegle alternatives have reduced isolation and brought people closer than ever, it could lead to overindulgence. Whatever the case may be, these apps are here to stay. Take your pick. © 2019 Rahul Pandey


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