Some apps are not easy to use; others have paid subscriptions and some have copyright issues, etc. These are some of the problems that you may face while searching for the best editing app. Different apps offers different editing features that you may require for your videos. In this article, I will introduce such softwares that you can download freely from Playstore and start using instantly without any prior knowledge or experience of video editing.

The Best Free Video Editing Apps

When I first started video editing for my YouTube channel, I downloaded multiple apps and explored them. It’s just about being a little patient when you are using it for the first time. Don’t be in a hurry to explore everything at once; give it some time and I am sure you will get to explore more as you start your editing journey. So in this article I will share list of some free video editing apps that you can use easily to edit any of your videos. The interface of these apps is such that any beginner can use it without too many problems. Start by exploring each feature one by one. Listed below are 3 best video editing apps for Android users:

  1. Inshort
  2. Kinemaster
  3. VN Most beginners and new creators prefer editing their videos through phone because it’s more convenient and you can edit anytime, even when you’re in transit.

1. Inshort

The Inshort Video Editor and Maker is the easiest to use and mostly downloaded to edit music videos for status updates. It is one of the best music video editors. Through Inshort you can edit video with effects, songs, text and more. It’s a powerful editing software that provides various options for basic video editing. You can add text, music, video, stickers, filters, animations, etc. It also provides trim and cut video editing options.

2. Kinemaster

Kinemaster Video Editor lets you create professional quality videos in minutes. You can edit your pre-made projects or start a new one. Through Kinemaster, you can add visual and audio effects in your videos. You can edit text, add effects, animations, visuals, and download custom fonts. One can easily combine videos, images, text, stickers and more.

3. VN

VN is a free HD Video Editor and maker that offers multiple features like a pro-video editor app. VN is suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can split, drag, delete, and duplicate your video clips and it also offers a multi-layer timeline for editing like a professional. Through VN video editor one can easily add music, multiple sound tracks, transitions, adjust the subtitle duration and can also change speed of videos.


Hope now you are familiar with some of the best free video editing apps used by online creators. I tried to mention some of the best features that these softwares offer. You can easily download these apps from Playstore. Now it’s your time to start exploring by using these apps. Check out the features each app offers and choose the right app as per your requirement. © 2022 Aish

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