On PC for watching a movie first we need to download it and then if we want to watch it on phone we need to transfer it to phone which is a time consuming process.There are also some online movie streaming sites where we can watch movies but only on our PC because they are not compatible for android devices,but now there are free movie apps for android where we can watch movies and TV shows anytime. The top 5 free movie apps are as follows Here is the list of 5 best free movie apps for android apps. You can install anyone app listed below and watch movies for free anytime you want. So, don’t wait and have look at these precious 5 free movies apps for android phones and tablets. Viewster is a popular movie streaming app,it will provide you with movies,TV shows and Animated movies.It is the best anime movies streaming online app.I would say if you are anime freak person then viewster is your friend.They have large collection of movies from all categories specially anime.This app is totally free and no login or sign up is required, you can just go and stream high quality movies anytime.

Crackle is another great movie app for watching and streaming movies online.It is an official app of crackle.com ,it is a very good app and lets you to search and watch movies instantly. On crackle you can watch full TV shows and movies for free without any registration.Crackle also supports Chromecast which means you can watch movies on your TV with crackle.

My most favorite and personal Show box is another useful and popular app for movies.After installing this app you will be able to stream online movies and Tv series also.The best thing about Show Box is you can also download movies in case if you want to watch it offline.It is not available at google play but could be easily downloaded from their site. Its PC version is also available. The good thing is Showbox works on every android device in nay country. You can download it from the link below and it’s not available on Google Play store so you have to download and install it manually. Download Showbox Free It is another awesome app not only for movies but also for music videos and TV shows. This app allows You to Watch and stream movies online, music videos, TV shows and series, news, comedy and much more. It also supports Chromecast. Flipps tv is a wonderfull app and absolutely free.

Last but not least in our list of best Free movies apps for android is Hubi. Hubi is another best app for watching and even downloading movies for free . Hubi is more like a tool, it needs a link of video you want to watch and provides download option. So you can download your favorite movies by installing this free app.

These are the top 5 best free movie apps choose your best among these and enjoy your weekend and spare time with these apps. Comment below to share your views and also do not forget to share this post with your friends, Share button is below, Thanks! Follow this website on  twitter, facebook, GooglePlus.