But there’s a fix there always is a solution. There are a number of apps you can use to get your messages to appear on your computer screen. Here are five best options for keeping you connected to your Android phone’s text messages from the desktop.

1. Pushbullet

Pushbullet integrates with a variety of different messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook. So, it is the best way. It can also be used to send files between the two devices, which is a handy additional feature that many of us will find useful. It uses the typical browser extension method along with installing the app on your phone. You can use the service for free but you’re limited to 100 text messages per month. For that pro version is also available. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

2. AirDroid

AirDroid is very popular, allows you to send texts and SMS from your PC easily. It also has a host of other features including file transfers, backup and sync, contact management. There’s a desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Chrome that puts your messages and links to other content from your phone at the ready. The premium version is a subscription model with a reasonable price tag. During installation on Windows there’s an offer to install a search extension into Chrome, avoid it. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

3. MightyText

Mighty Text offers the basics, including the ability to view notifications, send texts, send MMS, and even some fun stuff like low battery alerts. The pro version is a $4.99/month subscription service that removes the text limit. The interface is pretty easy to use, with some theme customizations available. Its a good one. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

4. SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS

This one has many features along with the SMS functionality. You can even block messages from unwanted numbers. Not just that you can even schedule texts to be sent out on a later date. The developer tends to reply to any issues, and it’s easy enough to use and set up. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

5. Mysms

A decent app with native apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, iPad, Mac OS, and there is a Chrome extension if you want it. The basic app lets you send and receive text messages from your PC. The pro version gives you a bunch of other features as well. Mysms is the cheapest option available on the list it costs lower than all the others. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY